Monday, 15 September 2014

pantai merdeka 2014 visits


Well...long time no see you... 

actually i am quite busy lately because i am going to attend for my final examination this 25 September 2014.. also all the assignments that must be submitted.. grrr... that's why i cannot post something in this blog although i have so much things to share with you.. :-)

31th August is my country national day.

Here i update my holiday trip on that day.. hehehe..

me, my sister, my son and doughter..

We moved from Tanjung Dawai to Pantai Merdeka on 9.30 am by boat.  Each person was charged for RM2.  As we were 4 adults and 3 children below 7 therefore we were charged for RM10. Cheap!

My mother, sister and my kids.  
Take photo first short while after arrived at Pantai Merdeka. 


Short while after arrived at Pantai Merdeka, i bought cupcakes for my kids.. since they hadn't eat anything from that morning.. Actually i bought a banana fried or we called it 'pisang goreng' but my kids were not attracted with it.. Never mind, cupcakes would be fine also! hehe..

kite and sea.. will never be separated.. hmmm..

My son requested to buy them kite.. unfortunately there not windy plus my kids haven't any experienced how to play kite.. 

watching my kids playing at the sea shore..

we're off from Pantai Merdeka on 3 pm.  Then we shop a little bit at Tanjung Dawai and had our lunch there.. We arrived at home about 4 pm.  My sons said they were very happy cause they can traveled by boat.

Happy faces!

My mother and sisters slept first after they arrived at my home.  Recharged their battery/energy back! They only moved back to Baling at 6 pm.. Hope to travell again next holiday!

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